The pursuit of a zero waste: coffee chaff as a resource

December 05, 2020

The pursuit of a zero waste: coffee chaff as a resource - Impact Roasters

Impact Rosters series on turning waste into a resource continue, and this time, we would like to explore the potential of coffee chaff.

Coffee chaff is a light and thin dried skin coming off from coffee beans during the roasting process. In fact, it’s a waste product of the roasting process, which is produced whenever roasting coffee beans. And, like every coffee roastery, we get some of it after each roasting session.

It goes without saying that with the increasing coffee production, the extent of waste is consequently increasing. Therefore, we feel that there is a need to look into ways to reduce our coffee waste. While there are many ways of turning our spent coffee grounds into valuable materials, coffee chaff remains less researched on this matter. Perhaps, we still need to learn more about the effective ways how to reuse it.

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

The most known way to dispose coffee chaff sustainably is using coffee chaff in your garden. Since chaff is high in carbon, it makes it a perfect source of nutrients for your plants. It is especially good for composting processes, as coffee chaff fastens compost processes creating fertile soil and helping plants to grow faster.

The easiest way to fertile your soil using chaff is to mix it in with your soil or compost and let it do its magic. Remember, do not add too much chaff as it might block water absorption. If used correctly, it can be a great way to enrich the soil.

There are also other ways how to reuse chaff, like animal bedding, replacing wood chips for gardening, and a handful of other ways. It’s all about bringing out your inner creativity!

What about you? How do you like to recycle or reuse coffee chaff?

We always love learning new tips and tricks for recycling coffee waste. Therefore, we would like to set out on a mission to inspire everyone who drinks coffee to discover new ways of reusing waste products, including coffee chaff. And for that, you can get a bag of chaff at our roastery at Langgade st. to experiment with your ideas.

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