Discovering treasures of coffee leaf tea

December 05, 2020

Discovering treasures of coffee leaf tea - Impact Roasters

Ethiopia is known worldwide for its exceptional coffees, but little is known about a coffee leaf tea which has been consumed in Ethiopia for hundreds of years now. It was the original way of consuming the coffee plant long before even discovering the roasted beans.

Traditionally, the tea is prepared by plucking the leaves and leaving them to dry under the sun. The drink which is brewed afterward in hot water is widely used by people working in agriculture for its stimulating and refreshing effect. However, it’s more than a cup of refreshing tea. It’s a treasure for our health containing many health benefits.


Healthful drink

While Ethiopians have embraced the culture of the coffee leaf tea from long ago, the awareness about its high health benefits just now started slowly raising outside the coffee producing countries.

More recent research from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, and the Institute for Research and Development in Montpellier, France have discovered the amazing benefits of the tea. It’s not just an ordinary tea but a smooth and lightly sweet taste drink packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. The leaves contain “mangiferin” found in mangoes that help to fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol and even keep blood sugar levels stable.

Besides having a unique flavor profile, the tea also has a considerably low level of caffeine yet improving your ability to focus. It’s just a great product, and for that reason alone, we hope it will continue getting more recognition around the world.

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