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School uniforms and school supplies

15-year-old Daniel Halalla, IMPACT ROASTERS’ founder, had to leave school because his mother no longer could afford to buy him a school uniform, which resulted in missing a whole year of school. Although primary school is free in Ethiopia, hidden costs such as food, exercise books, supplies, uniforms and, shoes are forcing some low-income families to take children out of school at an early age. This is why IMPACT ROASTERS, together with locals, work to secure children school uniforms and materials, which is a huge burden for poor family budgets. 


200 school children have been granted school access by awarding school uniforms.

Water tap station for a local school

About 50% of school kids in rural Ethiopia do not have access to clean, fresh water. When coming to school, they have to carry water from far away in heavy plastic jerry cans. In 2015 we constructed a station for a local elementary school. This water tap station is built in front of the school and provides clean water to 1000 school kids, having a significant impact on kids’ everyday life.


1000 schoolchildren have been granted access to clean drinking water, which plays an important part of all children and young people’s education.

Bricks and blocks production facility

To increase the local youth involved in the job market, we set up bricks and blocks production facilities in South Ethiopia. Since 2017, we trained more than 20 young boys and girls on the block production. In combination with our future projects, the blocks produced by the trainees will be used to build future facilities such as schools, libraries, and sanitation in the needed areas. Now, these boys and girls are running this project. They produce the blocks and sell them to the locals as well as to people from other areas. 


20 young people are trained to manufacture building blocks in cement for the maintenance and development of schools, which is our long-term goal.

Sewing machine center

The unemployment rate in Ethiopia, particularly in rural areas, is significantly high. To change that, we work with different job creation projects that aim to improve the economic development of the local communities. In 2016, with the help of the local community, we built a sewing center where 20 boys and girls have been trained. The use of sewing machines in rural Ethiopia has an immense advantage. Local people can sew clothes for their families, thereby reducing their expenses or earning some extra money on the side. So far, there have been more than 150 school uniforms made by our trainees at the center. Some of the trainees have also started their own sewing job after taking the training.


20 young men and women’s livelihoods have been impacted by training them in sewing and handwork.

Youth development

Since 2016, we have been actively supporting boy’s and girl’s football clubs in Southern Ethiopia. We believe that sports activities help to develop skills that create a healthy mind and body. Hence, by giving youth access to sports activities, we empower them and help build their self-confidence.


60 boys and 20 girls participation in recreational activities are strengthened by giving them football equipment and free access to the training sessions.

Job creation

It has been less than a year since Covid-19 broke out, but its economic impact has been tremendous everywhere in the world. This is more apparent mostly in developing countries such as Ethiopia due to the long lockdown.Recently, Impact Roasters has started working on job creation projects in Hawassa, Addis Ababa, and Arba Minch with lone mothers and women highly affected by the Covid-19 economic effect.


Our Hawassa project has selected 9 hardworking women and started a small cafe owned and run by the group. We can all be agents of change.