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Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition that dates back dozens of centuries. Our coffee comes from the southern Ethiopian highlands, where the environment is perfect for producing amazing coffee, without adding anything to it. High elevations in the southern mountain region with deep soil and lush vegetation make for excellent growing conditions, where each contributing climate factor brings forth the coffee's quality and eminent taste. Our coffee beans are brought down from the mountains on donkeys, as this is the only way to transport them from the remote coffee areas. The beans are washed or dried before being shipped to Denmark, where we roast it in three different roast profiles.

Coffee from Ethiopia is known for it’s bright fruited and floral flavors. These coffees typically have a higher acidity, light to medium body, and complex flavor notes.

The diversity in the varieties of Ethiopian coffees

For those of you who don’t know, Ethiopia has the most varieties of wild Arabica. This is based on a very simple reason: it is the birthplace of Arabica. The coffee plant has been growing there for hundreds and hundreds of years and consumed by people for as many years as well.

This important fact means that there is a wide range of flavor profiles among Ethiopian coffees. The country has 7 main coffee-producing regions, after which the coffees are named: Harrar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu, Lekempt, Jimma, and Guji. Each one has a specific cup profile, thanks to the diverse landscapes and environment that affect the coffee when it grows.

Even within one region, all coffees produced are not the same and differ from farmer to farmer. Thus, each coffee has its own specificities to showcase, its own little magic we can taste only in that specific batch. Every cup of coffee is a surprise in waiting, an explosion of flavors on our tastebuds we can never fully expect.

Put simply, Ethiopia has so many high-quality, diverse coffees with flavors found nowhere else. And that’s what makes them one of the best coffees in the world, in our opinion.