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Grinder - Colombia Crush Grind Coffee

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The flavor and freshness of your favorite coffee lie in the essential oils of the unground coffee beans. Coffee beans consist of 800 different compounds that are released by grinding the beans. It is safe to say, freshness and flavor are activated by grinding. But the oils are quickly evaporating after grinding. Therefore grinding must take place right before brewing your coffee.
This not just results in fresher and more authentic flavor but makes the whole coffee experience more complete.

The Colombia Crush Grind Coffee is a manual, handheld coffee grinder with patented technology. The Hi-Tech ceramic used inside the grinder provides a precise and easy coarseness adjustment, a smooth and consistent/uniform grind, made from natural materials that do not transfer metal taste to the coffee.

Crush Grind Coffee can be used at home or on-the-go as it is slim and perfectly fits into a bag, and it easily can be dismantled for thorough cleaning.