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Advent Calendar - 4 Limited-Edition Coffee Blends

In our excitement for Christmas this year, we are launching our very first advent calendar! So, join us, with eager anticipation for Christmas, with four unique bags of specially curated blends of beautifully flavored coffee sourced with love from Ethiopia.

These are four different experimental coffee blends, perfect for any coffee lover you know! The blends we have carefully hand-crafted are a mix of washed and sun-dried processed beans, which give our usual single-origin coffee a new twist and a more balanced body. You will notice that all these coffees are sweet and fruity due to the dominant nature of our sundried coffees.

In the calendar box, you have the option to customize the amount of coffee you receive, choosing between bags of coffee that are 200g, 500g, or 1kg. All coffees are roasted  medium dark to fit both filter and espresso based drinks. 

We have created coffees with unique and unforgettable flavor profiles by making the following blends with some of our most loved coffees:

Beza & Aynu
This coffee blend is spicy and sweet with notes of peppercorn, and a nutty aftertaste, making it a perfect holiday treat! The balance of the sun-dried beans from the Yirgacheffe region and the washed beans from the Limu region has created a coffee that is both comforting and exotic, with beautiful aftertastes that linger on the palate.

Tasting profile: Sweet • Peppercorn • Nut Aroma

Beza & Zala
This coffee blend is intensely sweet, with a noticeable chocolate flavor at the beginning and a fruity, spicy aftertaste. The dark chocolate and lime peel aroma make this blend of sun-dried beans from the Yirgacheffe region and washed beans from the Guji region genuinely unforgettable.

Tasting profile: Sweet • Dark Chocolate  Lime peel

Zenu & Zala
This coffee blend is also intensely sweet, with initial hints of chocolate flavor and an aftertaste of citrus peel. This blend of sun-dried beans from the Jimma region and washed beans from the Guji region is perfect for those who want a rich, sweet coffee with a refreshing aftertaste.

Tasting profile: Sweet  Chocolate  Citrus peel

Beza & Nehi
This coffee blend is most notable for its intense sweetness, marked by initial tastes of fermentation, spices, and peppercorn, followed closely by a fruity blackberry-like aftertaste. This coffee blend of sun-dried beans from the Yirgacheffe region and washed beans from the Sidama region are sure to please any coffee lover and can be savored over and over again.

Tasting profile: Sweet, Spicy, Peppercorn, Blackberry