Samra – master of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies

Samra – master of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies

Meet Samra – Impact Roasters barista and the master of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies ?

Samra comes from Ethiopia, the motherlandof arabica coffee and the country with extremely unique cultural heritage. She was born in the city called Jimma, which is famous for its coffee, universities and the biggest coffee research center. In fact, Samra grew up in the surroundings of Jimma university as she comes from a family of academics.

If you happen to visit Ethiopia, don’t get surprised if you met her identical twin sister. Even though they live in different countries now, the special bond between them stayed strong.

Samra is the Ethio-jazz lover. If you passed by Impact Roasters when she is working there, you would most likely hear Mulatu Astatke playing in the background.

An interesting fact about Samra is that she was previously working with photonics, technology concerned with the properties and transmission of photons. However, she finds great pleasure working now within the coffee industry and impacting local communities back in Ethiopia.

Her favorite coffee brew is coffee brewed from the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. As an Ethiopian, she enjoys a fresh cup of coffee and most importantly the love and respect put in the beverage during the process together with family and friends.

Why Impact Roasters? – Well, Samra loves the ideology of Impact Roasters. She also enjoys the relationship and teamwork between her colleagues that create a positive environment.

Come to Impact Roasters and have a chat with Samra. She knows a lot about coffee, Ethiopian culture, and she can also tell you more about our new earring collection that she is working on now.

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