Sandra – chief barista and coffee shop manager

Sandra – chief barista and coffee shop manager

Meet Sandra – Impact Roasters chief barista and overall coffee shop manager.

Sandra was born in a village called Sóller in Mallorca and came to Denmark, more specific, Vejle when she was nine years old. She also lived in Aarhus for some years during her studies, which some might be able to hear on her accent.

Sandra is an art lover! Art takes a considerable part in her life. She enjoys theatre, performance and the visual arts. As a hobby, she likes to draw, and you might even catch her doing some sketching when you visit our roasteries. You can see her exhibition running right now at our roastery at Langgade. You are welcome to pass by and see her beautiful drawings. And not only she can tell you everything you want to know about our coffee beans, types, roasting profiles, and brewing methods but she can also tell you more about her exhibition and drawings on the wall.

An interesting and funny fact about Sandra is that she didn’t know how to bike before she moved to Copenhagen a few years ago. But now you will find her racing the bike lanes with a whole lot of road rage.
You might be curious what is her favorite coffee brew? Being half Spanish Sandra feels like she should say cortado, but she actually prefers a flat white – especially with espresso from our sundried Beza. On the other end, she also enjoys a Chemex brewed on a light roasted Mulu or Aynu.

She enjoys working at Impact Roasters, and what mostly motivates her is a possibility to work for a good cause, be part of an awesome international team, have good daily chats with the customers and, of course, the excellent coffee.

Come to Impact Roasters and say Hola, Hej or Hi to her.



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  1. Natalia Opoleva

    Sandra hello. I would very much like to learn the art of brewing coffee. Do you have courses on roasting and making coffee and coffee drinks? Thank. Sincerely, Natalia.

    7. October 2019 at 20:50 | Reply

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