Jimena- barista and waste management enthusiast

Jimena- barista and waste management enthusiast

Jimena – Impact Roasters barista and waste management enthusiast.

Jimena comes from Colombia – a country filled with incredible diversity, from the Amazon jungle to the south, passing by the high Andes peaks and ending in a beautiful Caribbean coast to the north.

Here is a little bit about her: She studied politics, and spends a lot of time reading/thinking/talking about it, as she believes that we all need to engage in the political world to be more informed, critical and participative citizens! Yoga as a spiritual practice and sleeping also are a great part of Jimena’s life. Of course, after engaging in politics and yoga, sleeping comes to be handy:-) Not to forget, she also has time for her dance classes where she nails her ballet steps.

Here are some more interesting facts: Jimena speaks 4 languages fluently, and she is already trying to make Danish her 5th! And she has traveled to more than 35 countries, a lot of them hitchhiking and couchsurfing.

Her favorite coffee brew is Chemex because the process of making it makes her feel like a scientist in a laboratory.

Why Impact Roasters? – Jimena thinks that a greater connection and understanding between buyers and producers is much needed in times of massive international trade. So, the focus on responsible trade was what brought her to Impact Roasters in the first place. One of the things she enjoys the most of the Impact team is that we are all continuously learning to make things better. It makes her feel like we are on a fun ride together. She is currently working on our new coffee soap, to help us find solutions for managing our coffee grounds waste.

Come to Impact Roasters to have a coffee with Jimena and talk about politics, travel, or ways to recycle coffee grounds!

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