Sofie – Impact Roasters barista and coffee enthusiast

Sofie – Impact Roasters barista and coffee enthusiast

Series about “People behind Impact Roasters” is back!

This time we want to introduce you to our newest team member – Sofie.

Sofie grew up at the heart of Nørrebro with her closest friends and a lot of family only a stone’s throw away.

As for hobbies, she has always drawn and painted a lot. All her school books are covered in sketches. Sofie also enjoys drinking a beer or two with her homies when she has some time off, most likely at one of the beer bars on Nørrebro ? She also loves taking a stroll by the sea, especially at Vesterhavet, when she is visiting her family in Jutland. Reading newspapers, going to museums (especially art museums), and talks and listening to podcasts on almost any subject are also some of her hobbies.

An interesting fact about Sofie is that she LOVES hip hop music, especially from the 90s, and it is basically the only music she listens to. Also, J. Cole has a very special place in her heart.

Sofie is also talented in sports as she used to play basketball and would probably take out our average customer in a shooting contest or 1on1. White girls can jump?

Her coffee intake started at a very early age when she was 4 (with loads of milk and sugar) in kindergarten with the kindergarten teachers, so she didn’t have to go outside on the playground in the winter.

Her favorite coffee brew is a flat-white during the day, but if she could, she would have an espresso macchiato after every meal.

Why Impact Roasters?

Since Sofie studies BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy at CBS, she really likes Impact Roasters’ take on social responsibility. She also enjoys being a part of a developing and experimenting workplace, where the product and the quality are in the top class, and she hopes to learn a lot and also bring something to the table. Also, she loves to have conversations with the customers. Coffee really brings people together. At last, the chilled, down-to-earth vibe in the café and among colleagues make her feel very at home.

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