From farmers to retailers, we work with selected clients to find the ideal roast profiles and coffees to suit their needs. With our custom coffee roasting our goal is simply that your coffees taste better under our care than you’ve
tasted it before.

Our in-house

At Impact Roasters we have a team of highly skilled professionals that can help you with handling your coffee from the beginning to the end.
Our in-house capacities range from:


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    Grinding & Labeling

Sourcing from
Origin of Coffee

Our coffee is directly imported by us from South Ethiopia using an Impact Trade model. Coffee beans are washed or sun dried before they get shipped to Denmark where we roast them in tree different categories in our roasteries.

Expertly roasted
specialty Coffee

We’ve perfected the art and science of small batch roasting.
Let our artisan roasters take your green beans and turn them into the final finished coffee of your taste.
You can choose between carefully selected varieties of our green beans or we can roast your own beans.


Our in-house team provides training on branding for small coffee businesses. We have in-depth knowledge in delivering practical solutions to the challenges you might face as a coffee business. We can also consult you on green coffee selection, roasting, roast profiles blending and brewing.

Our beans
Your brand

We’ll work with you to develop and deliver fully customised, end-to-end private label specialty Ethiopian coffee.
Private label allows you to keep and grow your own branded identity, and will give leverage in procuring new accounts by offering specialty coffees they can only get from you.


Coffee cupping is the professional practice for tasting and observing the aromas and flavours of brewed coffee. Just like wine, a barista can judge a coffee by defined parameters like aroma, acidity and aftertaste.
At Impact Roasters we arrange coffee cupping sessions for different occasions.
Are you a company who wants to decide what kind of taste fits your purpose? Or you are just simply interested a coffee and want to learn more? We offer a wide range of a tailored coffee experience at our rostarie at Langgade.

Grinding &

Being a fully equipped roastery, we can take care of different coffee handling aspects, and one of them is coffee grinding. We grind large quantities, and you can choose between espresso and filter grind. Depending on your needs, we can also pack coffee for you.



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