Thoughtful coffee gift to enjoy rich coffee flavors
from the small scale farmers in Ethiopia.


On average, Danes drink four cups daily, making coffee one of the best gift ideas.

At Impact Roasters, we offer a well-crafted Coffee Box for employees, clients, or that special one. With our freshly roasted Ethiopian coffees, you can surprise your recipients with a new standard of their coffee routine.

Coffee Box is a perfect coffee experience for coffee drinkers, which includes three different types of dark roast coffees, each of them of 500g.

See our coffee selection and check out the coffees you will get along with your Coffee Box:

ZENU is sundried processed coffee from the Jimma region in southwest Ethiopia. It has a very sweet intense aroma with chocolate notes.
NEHI is washed processed coffee from the Sidama region south Ethiopia. It has crisp acidity and citrus notes.
AYNU is washed processed coffee from the Limu region in southern Ethiopia. It has a sweet and round taste with a hint of watermelon.

A well-chosen gift brings forth some of the most basic positive emotions between recipient and giver – emotions that can be hard to say on a busy day.

Interested? Get in touch with us, and we will tell you more about your Coffee Box.

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