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All our beans are Arabica, but each farm is affected by its unique geographical location and climate, offering rich and unique flavors. Climate plays a vital role in extracting the coffee beans' taste to the fullest. Our coffee comes from the southern Ethiopian highlands, where the soil is rich and the tropical environment provides perfect conditions to produce amazing coffee beans.

Our coffees come from different regions of Ethiopia, where coffees are known for their bright fruited and floral flavors. Try out the selection of coffees from Sidama, Limu, Yirgacheffe and Jimma regions. All coffees are freshly roasted in Valby, so you can taste the craft in every cup.

Tropical Coffee: Our coffee in retail shops

It started with a simple idea: everyone should be able to enjoy the best cup of coffee at home. Now, by taking our coffee to retail shops, we can share our love for specialty coffee with more people. We source coffee directly from the producers in East Africa, roast it locally in Copenhagen, and take a selection of our best coffee to different retail shops so you can explore various coffee types from the tropical regions. 

Look after the black tropical coffee bags in your local Irma, Meny and Brugsen all around Copenhagen. We hope that you will enjoy our coffee selection as much as we do.