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Premium Ethiopian Coffee as your office coffee


Choose your own coffee!

Your office deserves the coffee made just for your needs with locally roasted beans. Explore the diversity of Ethiopian coffee flavors from your local roastery. You can freely pick between our wide selection. If you're not sure which one to choose, we will gladly guide you in the right direction!

Guide to the perfect match

Not only can we help you with which beans to get, but also what roasting type would fit you and your method of making coffee! There are many choices to make to optimize the coffee taste, and you can read more about the different roasting choices here and different brewing methods here. We are also happy to arrange a tasting session at your workplace or our roastery.

Free Delivery!

Get free delivery in all of Copenhagen! We bike out with our orders to be more environmentally friendly.


You won't only get amazing coffee to help you and your colleagues through the day; you also support a local business, people in need, and the planet.

Sustainable coffee production

We work to create long-term economic, social, and environmental impact through ethical coffee production and sourcing. By cutting out many middlemen, we use the resources to empower and impact local communities. Read more about our Impact Trade Model.

We bike around Copenhagen with all local orders, and if you book us for an event with espresso-based drinks, we come with our very own coffee bike!

Local communities in Ethiopia

By buying Impact Coffee, you, among other causes, support youth development in local communities in Ethiopia. Read more about that here.


If you're unsure which coffee to pick, you can always contact us here, but we have also taken this opportunity to create a small taste guide for our most beloved coffees! Of course, you aren't limited to only pick one of them, and can pick from our whole selection, but we understand that it can be very hard to get a good overview off all types of coffee, which is why we chose to present our most popular below.

Should it be fruity/citrusy? Chocolaty and nutty? Fresh and acidic?

Our Aynu coffee comes from the Limu region. Limu coffee generally has a milder acidity and round taste. This coffee has a silky and smooth mouthfeel, notes of warm spices, and a delicate floral finish.

Worke is from the Yirgacheffe region. Coffees from here have a light body with delicate citric acidity. It has notes of red berries, sweet lemon, and floral notes with a subtle earthiness.

Our Nehi coffee is from the Sidama region, known for its sweet citrus aroma and pleasing maple syrup-like body. It has notes of sweet lemon and floral tones, which round out into a smooth, clean finish.

Desta is a blend of our Jimma and Sidama coffee beans. It has a sweet aroma with chocolate notes of Jimma combined with crispy acidity and citrus notes of Sidama, giving it a very smooth finish.


Prices starts from 150 dkk pr. kg.

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