Oliver – coffee enthusiast

Oliver – coffee enthusiast

Meet – Oliver! Although being one of the newest (and youngest!) team members of Impact Roasters, Oliver is a bit of a coffee nerd. He is responsible for developing new brewing recipes at Impact Roasters, and experimenting with coffees. His biggest wish is – that there was less caffeine in coffee so he could just brew and drink it all day long.

Coffee came early to his life. Oliver started drinking it rather young, trying out his first cup of coffee at the age of 12. However, the realization about the whole world of coffee started when he discovered the specialty coffee from the age of 15. Over time, Oliver became increasingly fascinated by the Nordic culture around the specialty coffee.

Born in Ballerup, Oliver now lives in Copenhagen, where he is exploring Copenhagen’s specialty coffee scene. Since he finished high school at Sankt Annæ gymnasium this summer, he got all soaked in the coffee world.

Oliver has been playing different instruments from his early childhood – while guitar being his favorite. It goes without saying that he has a great sense of curiosity for many things. He is into coffee, music, movies, literature, and fashion.

An interesting fact about Oliver is that he belongs to the tiny minority of people born on the leap day – 29th February. Feel free to ask him how he celebrates his birthday on an ordinary year.

His favorite coffee brew is pourover – it’s like a craft for him. He likes the way it highlights the origin of the coffee, and coffee’s identity comes forward.

Welcome on board, Oliver!

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