Gift – a happy coffee lover

Gift – a happy coffee lover

We welcome our newest team member Gift who has recently joined us from June.

Gift comes from Kenya, which she describes as a diamond in the rough and a paradise surrounded by thorns and coating that does no justice. Beautiful place with beautiful people. Even though she misses her home country, Gift is glad to have made her second home in Denmark.

Gift has a passion for writing music and poetry and playing it too. She talks as much as she eats, and she is also a very emotional person. Her guilty pleasure is having a one-man party anywhere anytime. She dances and sings on the road to wherever. She just loves being happy and meeting new people. Every time she tries to learn or teach something with every new person she meets.

Her favorite coffee brew is pourover, as there is some intimacy entailed in making a perfect hand brew, and that’s what she likes most.

What Gift likes most about working at Impact Roasters is meeting a fantastic group of individuals. She feels that the IR family is the most awesome aspect of her job, followed closely by the customers. The trade exchange is always unique.

We are all so glad to have such a happy soul join our team.

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