Atam – Impact Roasters CSR and sales expert

Atam – Impact Roasters CSR and sales expert

Here we are back on our series about people behind Impact Roasters. Let’s head over to hear more about Atam.

Atam is responsible for CSR and sales at Impact Roasters, but you can also meet him occasionally at one of the bars.

He comes from Cameroon, which is often described as a mosaic of the African continent. From the north heading down south, one can experience the desert Sahelian climate to the dense tropical climate of the far coastal south. Religion, language, and culture is rich and varied from Christianity and Islam to a mixture of intense African traditional beliefs. However, football stands out as the dominant religion that has the most believers.

As for hobbies, interests, and favorite activities, Atam enjoys reading, working out in the gym, and watching football or Formula 1. As to what he reads, there are no boundaries, and it varies based on the mood of the day. Some of his favorite books include: The doctrines of Ralph Waldo’s Self Reliance, Marcus Aurelius’ stoic reflections in the Meditations, the teachings of a middle Eastern preacher called Jesus, Charles Darwin’s propositions of evolution, and Charles Dickens 18th century fictional classic Great Expectations.

An interesting fact is that he almost doesn’t enjoy music with vocals. The lesser the vocals, the better for him.

Atam’s favorite coffee brew is a light roasted Hario. The ability to fully control the absolute outcome of the brew gives him great delight every time he engages in the process. The taste, color, and density of the brew make it a joy to drink. If he is lucky to engage this process with sundried beans, the outcome becomes magical.

Why Impact Roasters? – Atam thinks it’s a fun place to work in not only because of interesting and fun colleagues he works with but also the complexity of every day. No single day has been a repeat of itself. Some days he is roasting or brewing coffee for the customers, while other days he is busy in the city explaining to potential clients why they should convert to our Ethiopian beans. However, what has kept him passionate about Impact Roasters was his ability to tell the stories of those hardworking farmers in Ethiopia that Impact Roasters are attempting to represent here in Copenhagen.

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