NEHI – Sidama

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The coffee has a sweet and floral taste with hint of jasmine and lemon, which is unique.



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Country of origin:
Natural Ethiopian heriloom, 100% gourmet Arabica
Growth height:
2050 m over sea surface
Handpicked, washed
Hint of jasmin and citrus with a full taste



The fabulous taste of our coffee owes everything to the perfect environment in which it grows.

Our coffee beans are the indigenous heirloom Arabica varieties, grown at high altitudes with ample rainfall, a near perfect climate, good fertility and natural planting conditions. These are the contributing factors, which make our coffees so great.

Roast Profile

Which roast profile should you choose?

Light Roast

Only the best and delicate coffee beans, whose unique aroma is preserved, can be roasted light. These are the few types of coffee that are roasted light and most of them are Ethiopian varieties and one of them is our NEHI-Sidama. Our NEHI-Sidama coffee has a high acidity and less body – perfect for coffee nerds.

Medium Roast

Medium roasted coffee is slightly darker than light roasted coffee. It usually has a slightly more rounded taste, but has also lost some of its acidity. The coffee is suitable for french press, pour-over and coffee machine.

Dark Roast

Coffee beans that are dark roasted have usually lost their acidity and have a higher bitterness. When dark, the coffee loses many of its volatile aromas, but in turn, it is more rounded. Here you can not go wrong – the coffee is suitable for both french press, coffee machine and espresso.