IMPACT ROASTERS offers legendary Ethiopian gourmet coffee imported directly without middle men.

Your purchase directly supports educational and job creating projects in south Ethiopia.

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Our Coffee is the best of its kind. It is grown in the southern Ethiopian highlands where the forests are thick and coffee grows wild. This is the area from where coffee originates and from where we get our coffee beans – the motherland of coffee.

IMPACT ROASTERS has its name from the purpose of creating economic, social and environmental impacts for both the producers and consumers. We invest in educations, skill developments, job-creation and youth development so that we create a lasting impact with producers who work hard to produce quality coffee. We also provide trainings on how to ensure quality.

Our coffee beans are the natural and original Ethiopian Arabica varieties. It grows in fertile soil, is constantly exposed to a cool breeze due to the great height of the south region area and the small beans are hidden from the rain and shaded from the sun. In other words this is the perfect climate for growing coffee and all contributing factors that each brings forth our coffees quality and eminent taste. The coffee beans are brought down from the mountains, washed and dried before being shipped to Denmark where we roast it in three different varieties: Light, Medium and Dark roast.

Our Light Roast coffee has a sweet and floral tast with hints of blueberry and citrus which is unique from that area. It is only the best coffee beans in which one desires to keep the beans acidic taste. It is only the rarest of coffees that are roasted lightly but our coffee is just that – rare and slightly acidic. We drink this in a French Press but no matter your preferred brewing method, it is as close to the original Ethiopian coffee experience you can get and perfect for all coffee nerds.

Our Medium Roast has a sweet and floral taste. It still has hints of blueberry but is slightly more bitter, rounded and dark in its taste than the Light Roast. If you usually drink medium roast coffee you’ll experience ours as much more complex and almost floating. This coffee is suited for pour-over and filter coffee.

Our Dark Roast has a sweet and floral tast with hints of blueberry and chocolate. Coffee beans that are dark roasted has usually lost its acidic taste and become more bitter. However, the dark roast gives the coffee a more round and grand body. If you prefer a coffee with great character, sweet nuances and dark tast this is your one. We recommend this one for Espresso but is also suited for pour-over and French Press.


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Our trade model is designed to empower and bring change to the local communities in which our coffee is grown. We pay high price to motivate our producers. We give trainings on producing high-quality coffee. on top of that, we invest in projects related to education, job-creation and youth development. The projects are developed by the local communities to ensure sustainability and local ownership. We call this Impact Trade!

Our trade model make use of globalisation without exploiting global inequalities and trade relations. We do not believe that one model fits all coffee producing countries and methods which is why we believe that Fair Trade has outlived its original purpose. By cutting out middle-men , work to empower whole societies and not just coffee farmers and owners of coffee washing stations. Due to the fact that our point of departure is Ethiopia and not Denmark we can offer gourmet coffee at competitive prices while investing in projects in Ethiopia.

We build the future - become part of it!

By drinking our coffee you leave a positive footprint on the world. Each cup of coffee secures school uniforms, quality education and job creating projects in Ethiopia. At IMPACT ROASTERS it is not only something we say – we do it!

Our members’ purchase has secured 1000 school children access to clean water. We have trained around 50 young men and women in sewing and handicraft and by creating a concrete production facility to renew and sanitise schools and communities we have secured them jobs. This is without the many school uniforms, sports clothes, note books etc that we have supplied youth with.

At IMPACT ROASTERS we invest in educational, job creating and youth development projects that have a solid local ownership and support. It is, thus, crucial to us that the projects are thought up by and executed in close relationship with the local people in the area from which we get our coffee.

It started with school uniforms

As 15-year-old Daniel Halalla, IMPACT ROASTERS’ founder had to leave school because his parents no longer could afford buying him a school uniform. Although this was not the first time he experienced the hardships that come from poverty he clearly to this day remembers the feeling of shame and degredation of self-esteem and worth among friends and neighbours and the frustration of missing a whole year of school. The school uniform is a requirement and grant access to education in Ethiopia. This is why MPACT ROASTERS together with locals works to secure all children school uniforms in south Ethiopia. IMPACT ROASTERS furthermore wish to reestablish the self-esteem and worth of children by giving them access to sport activities and through engagement in positive communities.

Lively and inclusive societies 

At IMPACT ROASTERS, we believe in obligative communities as a lever out of poverty. This is the reason why we invest into the societies and not just favour the coffee farmers. We experience therefore a great support and ownership in the local communities in which we harvest our coffee and engage them in taking ownership of the projects we run. Because of this close collaboration, we were able to build a water tap station for the school children in Jano Mile – supplying 1000 children water.

You can read more about that project and all other projects on our organisational website Coffeeprint4change

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Our business model creates change by ensuring that our coffee farmers hardwork is worth their time while empowering the communities from which our coffee is grown. Adding to this our coffee’s rich taste and high quality making sure it is worth your time. But we need help to foster and nurture this change.

Therefor sign up today, become a member and enjoy our coffee tomorrow and be the change.

IMPACT ROASTERS a love story

IMPACT ROASTERS is a love story – a love for coffee and for change. Daniel Hallala moved to Denmark with his girlfriend in 2012 He was shocked to learn how much bad coffee we drink in Denmark while being inspired by our well functioning society.
Together with his wife, they determined to bring Ethiopian coffee to Danes and decided to invest in projects to bring about change for children and youth in Ethiopia through various impact creating projects.

Spreading good coffee karma

Make your event special with good-hearted, directly imported and fresh roasted coffee beans! We are not as expensive as you fear – because our focus is getting our message across!
Book our coffee bike for party, promotional event, open house, conference, community – get-together.
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